Welcome to the Alaska Chapter of the River Management Society!

Meet your 2019-2021 Alaska Chapter officers 

The most recent RMS Journal with an Alaska focus is Spring 2019.
 To read all of our back issues online, All RMS Journals are archived and are available along with other Society publications on the members-only side of the website.


 Chapter President

David W.Schade, MPA
Alaska Department of Agriculture
1800 Glenn Hwy, Ste 12
Palmer, AK 99645-6736

tel (907) 269-8645
david.w.schade [at] alaska.gov
Vice President :

Cassie Thomas
11081 Glazanof Dr
Anchorage, AK 99507

tel (907) 677-9191
cassieinak [at] gmail.com


Sharon Seim
PO Box 21628
Juneau, AK 99801

 sharon.seim [at] usda.gov

2011 Chapter Report

2010 Chapter Report