Join us on the Klamath River for three days of sharing, learning, and paddling!

Pacific Chapter Klamath Trip Flyer

June 10-12, 2022

The Pacific Chapter invites RMS members to join us for a weekend on the Klamath River from June 10-12, 2022, a regional gem that will become a historic icon as host for the largest dam removal event in our nation’s history, scheduled for 2023-24. The Klamath River Basin has often been called the "Everglades of the West" as the most extensive freshwater wetland west of the Mississippi River.  Sturgeon, lamp ray, steelhead, trout, and many, many terrestrial species rely on the river as did salmon, whose population is now only 10% of historic levels.  Planning underway for the removal of four dams is being driven by Tribes, anglers, industry, government, and a committed cohort of community and conservation advocates and will establish a model for large-scale dam removal. 

This weekend will provide a real-world meeting for sharing information and ideas about establishing/reinforcing collaborative working relationships among Klamath River stakeholders. Our partners are BLM, USFS, OARS, and Momentum River Expeditions.

Here's an overview of what you can expect to learn this weekend:

  • Friday: WHY the Klamath renewal is vital from an inspirational ecological/human/political perspective, focus on the gravity of this historic moment!
  • Saturday: WHY the Klamath renewal is vital based on river values (fish/wildlife, botany, traditional cultural practices), with a transition in the evening.
  • Sunday: HOW this work will take place, centered on agency/policy/visitor use management issues. We'll conclude with talking about the Klamath renewal as a collaborative model for us all as river professionals.


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Klamath Map

The group will be welcome to float three reaches of the Klamath River: the Hell's Corner section of the Upper Klamath, the Wingate section and the Tree of Heaven reach. We will be fortunate enough to also meet and learn from many individuals who have lived, worked, and played on or near the river, and who have contributed to the restoration effort.

Thursday June 9:   EARLY ARRIVAL; Camp at Tree of Heaven Campground 

  • Arrive at Tree of Heaven Campground by Thursday to allow for a Friday morning launch for Hell’s Corner trip with Momentum River Expeditions 
  • For those not going on the river, there will be two options for land-based tours
  • Meals on your own 

Friday June 10:  Hell’s Corner river trip (Class IV+) OR Land-based trip; Camp @ Curly Jack Campground 

$58 includes Thursday camping, rafting, breakfast, land-based tour and presentations. OR $25 includes Thursday night camping, breakfast, land-based tour and presentations.

  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Hell’s Corner river trip participants meet Momentum Expeditions at 7:45am at Hornbrook Chevron, 114 Copco Rd, Hornbrook,CA  530-475-3448. Registration for this float is FULL.
  • Land-based trips to visit proposed dam removal sites along the Upper Klamath River. The trip will be approximately 8 hours and will include views of J.C. Boyle Dam, Moonshine Falls, Upper Klamath Campground and lunch at Spring Island boat launch. Karuk People's Center in Happy Camp is open 9:30am-5pm (closed for lunch 1-1:30pm).
  • Camp at Curly Jack Campground
  • Optional “Donation Dinner” with proceeds to support RMS Pacific Chapter
  • Informal campfire talk

Saturday June 11:  Presentations & Wingate Run float (Class II); Camp @ Curly Jack Campground

$80 includes Friday night camping at Curly Jack’s Campground, breakfast, Wingate rafting, presentations, and dinner.
  • 8am Breakfast provided
  • Karuk People's Center in Happy Camp is open 9:30am-5pm (closed for lunch 1-1:30pm).
  • 9am-noon  COLLABORATION CIRCLE presentations and discussions (bring your camp chair):
    • Klamath Natural Resources with Craig Tucker  - Natural Resource Specialist/Karuk Tribe
    • Klamath River Fisheries with Eric Wiseman - Fisheries Biologist (USFS/Yurok); Habitat Restoration with Regina Chichizola (Save CA Salmon); John Grunbaum - Fisheries Restoration (USFS)
    • Connecting Klamath Youth to the River - Paul Wilson (Rios to Rivers)
    • Kat Anderson,  Author
  • Noon Lunch provided
  • Wingate Run float after lunch
  • Return to Curly Jack Campground
  • Dinner provided
  • Klamath River Restoration discussion with Gwen Santos of RES @ Happy Camp Arts Council 

Sunday June 12:  Riverside presentations; Tree of Heaven river trip (Class II); Camp @ Tree of Heaven Campground

$45 includes Saturday night camping at Curly Jack's Campground, breakfast, presentations, lunch, and Tree of Heaven rafting.

  • Breakfast provided; clean-up, pack-up
  • Move to Tree of Heaven Campground
  • Riverside presentations @ Tree of Heaven put-in:
    • Klamath Visitor Use Management with Dan Shelby
    • WSRA Section 7 and Partnerships with Christina Boston (USFS),  Kirstin Heins (BLM), Lauren Pidot (BLM), Susan Rosebrough-Jones (NPS)
    • Enhancing River Rec Access for Underserved Communities with Clavey Wendt (OARS)
    • Dragonflies as Indicators of River Health with Kathy Claypole Biggs 
  • Tree of Heaven float, with put-in at Tree of Heaven Campground
  • Depart -OR- Dinner on your own + camp @  Tree of Heaven Campground (depart Monday AM)

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