River Management Symposium

Every other year, the River Management Society hosts an international training on topics related to river management and planning. They provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the vetting of policies and strategies concerning river management, and encourage the formation of networks and partnerships among a broad range of river professionals. Proceedings and other RMS publications are available to members and other participants.

2021 River Management Symposium: From Mountain Creeks to Metro Canals

April 12-15, 2021 2021 RMS Symposium From Metro Canals to Mountain Creeks

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Presented by the River Management Society, in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Virginia State Scenic Rivers Program.

RMS welcomes you as a river manager, scientist, planner, legal expert, student, professor or river conservation and recreation advocate to brush up your skills as you grow your network!  Richmond, Virginia (RVA) is our host city, blossoming amidst the excitement of a resurgent James River.  Having suffered decades of untold levels of misuse, the James is redefining the City as its environmental, economic and cultural centerpiece. You will delight in the virtual discovery of RVA's vibrant businesses, innovative programs and exciting events held against a backdrop of our nation's founding history and the majestic James.

This virtual event will take place April 12 - 15, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Pre-symposium workshops will be held April 12. 


Mountain Creeks to Metro Canals Program Themes

Visual Resource Management Training
Technical Tools
Urban Rivers
Rural Rivers
Water Trails
Policy & Practice
Draft Program

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Connections are more important than ever before.
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We are learning how technology is opening new avenues for learning and sharing! The redesigned 2021 River Management Symposium format offers more opportunities to share your organization's success stories and connect with new professional peers and partners than at any past symposium or conference. Check it out today and email any questions to RMS!

2021 Sponsorship Program
          50th Anniversary - Virginia Scenic Rivers ProgramVirginia Department of Conservation and Recreation   Virginia Commonwealth University Environmental Sciences  
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2020 Symposium Events Online!

While the in-person 2020 River Management Symposium is rescheduled for April 12-15, 2021, these special events took place to support current and future river professionals. 

Mountain Creeks to Metro Canals  – Student Research Symposium
Rivers in Your State: Open, Closed or In-Between?

Mountain Creeks Metro Canals

 Past RMS Symposia