Rivers are our life's blood. Rivers are also our life's work. 

The River Management Society (RMS) is the nation's only network that connects those who work in and in support of rivers direct connections with river professional peers: outfitters and guides, rangers, planners and landscape architects, environmental lawyers, fluvial geomorphologists, professors, students, researchers and authors. 

Our priority projects include:

The only authoritative, multi-partner geospatial recreation-oriented US river map
National Rivers Project 
The only authoritative, geospatial recreation river map in the U.S.

For organization leaders and river managersWater Trails Resources 
For water trails managers and planners.

Simplified versions of lengthy government licenses.
River management and stewardship workshops and certifications
Learn, expand and receive certifications based on professional River Management training.
Networking crucible for river policy, operation,and best practices
River Management Symposium 
Meet and learn national and regional river policy, operation,science and best practices from your peers.
Multi-disciplinary program at US colleges and universities
River Studies and Leadership Certificate 
The first multi-disciplinary river certificate program offered through US colleges and universities.
Luigi - Yampa River guide - most junior, plenty skilled and thoughtful
Share and celebrate what you and other river professionals do at your 'office' ... on and for your river! 





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If you are a Professional or Lifetime member, please vote for RMS National Officers for 2018-2020 by August 31! Visit RMS Careers and Job Board, updated daily, to see openings for 50+ river-related professional positions across the nation.  Discover activities organized by RMS volunteers in our Regional Chapters.  Learn about and meet the outstanding individuals who have been recognized for their contribution to rivers and their wise and prudent management.

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