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The River Management Society’s River Training Center (RTC), established in 2018, supports the effective management and stewardship of North American rivers by providing training for professionals and volunteers who study, protect, and manage them.

Online and in-person training workshops on various river-related topics are targeted towards river managers, river advocates and businesses who conduct work projects in or around rivers.

The RTC also has a special emphasis on Wild and Scenic River (WSR) management for both agency and public audiences. 

Courses are scheduled by contract on an ongoing basis. Open enrollment training opportunities and other training related information can be found below and on the RMS calendar or at the RMS River Training Center Facebook page.    

To schedule a course for your agency unit or organization, please contact:

Angie Fuhrmann
RMS River Training Center Coordinator
[email protected]

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2022 Training Opportunities

7/12 River Management Roundtable: Must-have River Management Resources for 2022

Need some quick reference guides and resources to help get you through the thick of the season? Join the RMS staff as we explore must-have river management resources for 2022 and beyond. You'll leave this River Management Roundtable knowing exactly where to find resources and experts on almost any river management issue you're currently navigating, including topics like river access design, safety signage, user capacity, and more!
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7/26: History of racism and the effect on Black participation rates in water-based outdoor recreation

Black people and People of Color participate in water-sports at a disproportionately low rate.  In this session we will explore some of the historic and contemporary causes of the lower rates of participation.  We will also discuss potential solutions as well as strategies to overcome obstacles to solutions. Our presenter is Joe Moore, founder of Adaptive Expeditions.
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8/9 River Management Roundtable: The Inadvertent "Trashing of River Experiences

The popularity of non-motorized river recreation continues to grow, and with it, the numbers of river visitors unfamiliar with responsible outdoor etiquette and best practices assumed by long-time enthusiasts. While new faces are welcome, the increased use presents a challenge for river managers and stewards operating with limited resources as they navigate the inadvertent trashing of our rivers, riverbanks and environs.  RMS has visited this topic with River Management Roundtable (RMR) topics “Responding to the Ever-Growing Love for River Recreation” and “Messaging for Those who Don’t Read Signs and Drown."
In this session, we’ll discuss the responsibility to manage activity "above the high water mark" that impacts a visitor's day on or at the river. We’ll include perspectives of a "river level" professional and that of one or more agencies charged with managing access and corridor activity. This topic is timely as we will be meeting when the height of the summer season is barely behind us. The issues are simple and the solutions “not so much,” so we look forward to a great discussion.
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8/22 - 8/24: River Ranger Rendezvous on the San Juan River

The River Ranger Rendezvous, hosted by River Management Society, is a workshop geared toward river rangers responsible for the day-to-day management of our nation’s rivers. The workshop is an opportunity for participants to share leadership and management ideas, build skills related to their everyday job duties, and connect with other river rangers. Join us for three days of canyon comradery on Utah's mighty San Juan River, where we'll discuss topics like monitoring, public contacts, check-in procedures, tribal relationships, river history, carrying capacity, visitor use surveys, patrol reporting, and archaeological site monitoring. 
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8/23 River Management Roundtable: From the Mouths of Moms: Balancing Riverwork vs. Homework

From attempting to manage remote schooling to rearranging their workdays to fill child-care gaps, there’s no question it’s mothers who have been, more often than not, shouldering the increased responsibilities of caring for kids through the pandemic. For most working parents, juggling childcare challenges with work responsibilities, even when not in a pandemic, takes a toll.
While the burden should be shared by both parents, working women are still 28% more likely to experience burnout than fathers. In fact, 53% of parents say that mom is the primary caregiver in their home (according to data provided to CNBC from a recent survey of nearly 500 parents).
Join RMS as we hear how two river management professionals balance family demands with their daily responsibilities: Amy Niles, New Braunfels (TX) River Operations Manager, and Bobbie Jo Roshone, Niobrara National Scenic River Park Ranger.
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9/7 Career Prep Discussion Series 1 of 4: Trending River Topics to Focus Your Studies On

In this session, a panel of river professionals will introduce trending river topics from science and policy to field work and management, and host breakout room discussions. You will have the opportunity to leverage these conversations to shape your educational path and better set yourself up for an in-demand river career.
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9/12 - 9/16: Using Fluvial Geomorphology to Improve Stream Restoration & Watershed Management

The short course will consist of visual presentations, small group exercises, and hands-on activities that will provide participants with practical experiences and examples to recognize unstable channel reaches in a watershed and identify the most appropriate stream restoration techniques that will best address the identified instabilities, if present. The first day of the short course will focus on the basic concepts of fluvial geomorphology including extended discussions on stream equilibrium and channel classification. The second day will examine numerous stream restoration practices through a series of case studies that will highlight the many issues that must be considered to successfully and sustainably restore rivers and streams and to anticipate potential problems even before a restoration design is complete. The optional field trips will tour examples of restoration sites that will reinforce the concepts and lessons of the first two days.
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9/27: River Management Roundtable: Increasing the Relevancy of Rivers to Diverse Visitors: Adaptations for how we communicate

During and after the pandemic, rivers and surrounding wildlands are seeing sustained increases in the numbers and types of visitors, and as a conservation movement we continue to struggle to be relevant to an increasingly diverse America. Adaptations to how we communicate with diverse visitors—through conversations at boat ramps or on the trail, signage, website information, etc.—are needed to ensure all visitors feel welcome on our rivers. Through interactive exercises that promote self-reflection and self-discovery, participants in this session will explore inclusivity and exclusivity in how we communicate to visitors and potential visitors. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to adapt their future communications and visitor contacts and a list of resources to continue learning. Our presenter is Lisa Ronald with the Wild and Scenic Coalition and Wilderness Institute.
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10/5 Career Prep Discussion Series 2 of 4: A Day in the Life of Your Dream River Career

How much of the job is outdoors vs. in the office? What are some daily challenges? What does the workplace culture look like? In this session, you will hear from a panel of professionals to see what a typical day is like for different river-related careers, and explore whether or not it could be the right fit for you.
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11/2 Career Prep Discussion Series 3 of 4: Getting Your Foot in the Door

In this session, a panel of young professionals will share their personal experiences and success navigating through various internship, entry-level, and direct hire opportunities for students and recent graduates who wish to enter the federal, state, and nonprofit workforces relating to rivers.
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11/7-9: Interagency 2(a)(ii) Wild and Scenic Rivers Workshop: Evaluating Water Resources Projects

Participants will increase their understanding of the protection requirements of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (Act), the standards and process for evaluating water resources projects subject to review under Section 7(a) of the Act, the Northern California Interagency Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and roles of the river administering agencies.  This workshop will also help to improve communication lines between agencies, project proponents, and non-governmental organizations for segments of the American, Eel, Klamath, Trinity, and Smith Rivers. This workshop will take place in-person in Redding, CA. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

11/30 Career Prep Discussion Series 4 of 4: Stand Out to Hiring Managers

What is your unique set of talents that may be a great match for the employer’s needs? What are the norms in the hiring process for non-profits vs. the federal government? In this session, learn from hiring managers how to leverage your skills and highlight your experience to stand out from the crowd when applying for entry-level positions.
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To provide timely and effective training materials, programs and opportunities that improve the quality, consistency and capacity of river management.


  1. To be a valued contributor to advancing the River Management Society mission.
  2. To ensure river management professionals, their organizations and partners have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage river resources.
  3. To ensure a diverse pool of students and transitional professionals are aware of and well prepared for success in careers that support and advance river management.
  4. To ensure the River Training Center brand is recognized and trusted by river managers, administrators and partners for its value in advancing professional river management practice and effectiveness.