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RMS Journal

Read about current issues, projects, achievements in the quarterly RMS Journal. Each publication features one of our seven regional chapters on a rotating schedule, and reports timely river news provided by our members. All RMS members receive a copy of this publication as a membership benefit. To read the current issue, click the icon on the right side of any page of our site. To read back issues (members-only), visit our Archives webpage.

RMS Journal


Examples of Durable Freshwater Protections

Refer to this 2022 report, database and set of case studies for examples of durable freshwater protection mechanisms worldwide. Examples of protection mechanisms in the database address approaches for environmental flows, aquatic connectivity, water quality, biodiversity, habitat, policy and legal strategies, support for Indigenous People and local communities, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy campaigns, human rights-based initiatives, and financial strategies.

Durable Freshwater Protections


River Map Examples

Are you designing or redesigning your river map? Here' you'll find dozens of examples of print, digital, and interactive maps, including StoryMaps and 3D river tours. Explore examples and submit yours here!

River Maps


River Permits - Where required, how and when to apply

If you are planning a trip or looking to compare permit processes across agencies and regions, this webpage provides one-page references that are easy-to-download and print.

River Permits


Safety Signage - Ready to download and produce

River safety signage is critical for helping river users avoid hazards and risky behaviors, but developing signage can be costly and time consuming. Here, you will find a set of 'know before you go' safety signage that we encourage you to use on your river. The signs are intended to be used as a package (although they may be used individually) to educate guests at the put-in about river safety, such as wearing a life jacket, boating sober and only going out at safe water levels

Safety Signage


American Whitewater's Safety Signage Toolkit

Access graphics, messaging, sign templates, sign placement criteria, and other content guidelines for safety and wayfinding signage for river access sites in American Whitewater's open source signage toolbox.

AW Signage Toolkit


Boater Bathrooms Beta

As the popularity of river rafting skyrocketed decades ago, river managers realized that there was a tremendous need for systems to manage, transport and responsibly pack human waste. In response, RMS' predecessor, the American River Management Society, published Better Bathrooms for Boaters: a Sourcebook for River Managers, which provides you with information about collection and disposal techniques and suggestions for communicating new regulatory requirements to river recreationists.

Boater Bathrooms Beta


River Safety Videos

American Whitewater's introductory river safety videos are easily accessible for river managers to share with their constituents.

River Safety Videos


Reference Links

Bookmark this page! The organizations here provide information on rivers from a variety of points of view. The River Management Society does not necessarily endorse the positions, policies, or ideas of these organizations: however, it does endorse spirited and lively debate. Considering the views of other organizations is important to the growth of new ideas and the development of sound river management policies.

Reference Links