The River Management Society Library maintains a variety of river-related reference materials, and we encourage you to take period walks through the aisles when you are looking for solutions to river management questions that may have been addressed by others. 

RMS Publications

  • Current issue of the RMS Journal
  • Allocating River Use: a review of approaches and existing systems for river professionals (see below)
    The document is linked, below and available in quantity (40 books per box) for instructors and organizations

River Safety, Hazard Reduction Planning Tools

  • Drowning Machines, a paper published in the National Academy of Sciences that provides a technical treatment of the public safety hazard present at low head dam.

River Talk: Conservation Principles and Practical Examples to Support River-Based Interpretive Programs for Outfitters and Guides

This is a handbook resulting from a workshop conducted at the 1996 America Outdoors annual meeting, and as valuable as ever, today.  Whether you are an outfitter, guide or river manager, you will see the great vision that is still shared by river outfitters, and the wisdom they share with knowledgeable river managers.

Invasive Species Management
Aquative Invasive Nuisance Species

  • New York State iMap
  • Clean-Drain-Dry Video for Paddlers - this link brings you to a page the Northern Forest Canoe Trail has developed as a paddler resource regarding AI spread prevention.

Carrying Capacity and River Use Allocation

River managers, river advocates, and outdoor industry outfitters and manufacturers encourage enjoyment of our nation's rivers.  When traffic increases, however, processes become necessary so the experience is fun, inspiring and safe for both the resource itself and those who enjoy it.  RMS is pleased to provide resources for river managers faced with new customers and new types of use on increasingly popular rivers. See  River Use Allocation..

National Park Service Rivers, Trails, Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program

RMS Store - Open every day!

  • River Log (two sizes) - Blank note sheets and reference pages that feature tips for tying basic knots, Leave No Trace suggestions, river signals and other information. Pocket Size sheets: 3 ½” x 4 ¾”, Large size:7” x 4 ½”.  Printed on waterproof paper.
  • Pre-trip Checklists - Each single sheet provides the comprehensive and practical and advice offered by river guides when orienting customers prior to a trip..Printed on the front and back of super tough Tyvek 8 ½” x 11” sheets (often worn by running or biking competitors), 

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