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WSR Series: Visitor Use Management on Wild & Scenic Rivers
Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
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Visitor Use Management on Wild & Scenic Rivers

Visitor Use Management on WSRs

Wild and Scenic River Training Series (Part 6 of 6)
June 21 | 11 - 12:30 PT

In this session, participants will learn the theory behind user capacity monitoring, explore available guides and tools, discuss examples of user capacity monitoring strategies along different types of river corridors, and brainstorm different types of systems used for gathering and storing data. These skills will help prepare participants to address user capacities and better engage in agency planning and decision-making processes.

Technical Core Competency Areas:

5. Visitor Use Management and Monitoring
7. River Information Management Skills.


Liz Lacy  Since 2001, Liz Lacy has worked as a Community Planner and River Manager for the National Park Service Wild & Scenic Rivers Program. She provides her technical expertise for Partnership W&S Rivers primarily in Massachusetts and Connecticut. She is a trainer and mentor on Wild & Scenic River topics and works with an array of partners on river studies, river management plans, river stewardship projects, public education and outreach programs, and technical reviews of water resource projects. She is an NPS representative on the Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council.
Liz Townley  Liz Townley is the National Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers Planner for the US Forest Service. Liz has 14 years’ experience with the BLM and Forest Service working in Wilderness, Wild and Scenic Rivers and Recreation management. Her passion for rivers and all things wild can be traced back to her pre-professional days growing up along the banks of the Columbia River and years spent exploring the coastal ranges of Washington and Oregon. She is happiest with her husband Skeet, their two kids Sophia and Jones and dog Garth out exploring public lands.



Sessions are $15 each for non-members and free for RMS Members. Membership is $60 for Individual members, and group rates are available for organizational memberships. Learn more about becoming a member on our Membership pageYou can register for one or all of the sessions using the registration link below.


About the 2023 Wild and Scenic River Training Series

Join us for a six-part Wild and Scenic River Training Series from January through June 2023! This series is designed to be participant-centered, include active discussion of Wild & Scenic River (WSR) related topics, and empower participants to connect with colleagues throughout the learning series. Our goal is for you to leave the sessions better equipped to engage in WSR planning, monitoring and decision-making processes.

This is for you if you are involved in Wild & Scenic River program planning, coordination, partnership development, stakeholder communication, implementation and decision-making, visitor management and safety, natural and cultural resource management, impact monitoring and assessment, and other activities.

RMS River Training Center instructors will facilitate the series using Zoom, interactive Google products, Padlet, and other virtual learning tools. It is important that participants can fully access and engage with these tools during the Zoom sessions with their cameras on and microphones enabled, ready to connect and learn together. Participation in all six sessions is requested but not required.

Materials are aligned with the vision of the Interagency Wild & Scenic Rivers Coordinating Council and the Technical Core Competencies for River Management Specialists and Non-Specialists. You can find more WSR training resources here or at rivers.gov.

Sessions in this series:

Contact: [email protected]